The Beauty Benefits of Silk

Can sleeping on silk benefit skin?

Silk isn’t as absorbent as cotton, so it keeps moisture (and your expensive skincare products) right where they belong, on your skin. In addition, due to its smooth texture, silk doesn’t tug on skin as cotton does - reducing the risk of creasing which leads to lines and wrinkles forming.


Can silk pillowcases prevent frizz and tangles?

Yes! Thanks to silk’s super soft texture, hair moves smoothly over it without causing the friction that cotton does. This means that no matter how much you toss and turn, you’re much less likely to wake up to a bedhead of frizz, knots, and tangles.


Does sleeping on silk keep hair healthier?

Definitely. Since silk is less likely to absorb moisture this also means it won’t absorb moisture from your hair, so benefits anyone with dry hair or a flake-prone scalp. In addition, as silk prevents friction, hair is much less likely to break and form split ends.


Do silk pillowcases have anti-aging benefits?

Believe it or not, yes. Since silk has such a smooth surface it doesn’t cause friction, and therefore doesn’t tug on skin as cotton pillowcases do. This tugging leads to skin creasing, which over time results in lines and wrinkles forming.


Will I have a better night’s sleep on silk?

Silk is one of the coolest and most refreshing bedding options, as it naturally helps to regulate temperature. If you have trouble sleeping because of over-heating, chances are you’ll benefit from swapping your pillowcases from cotton to silk.


Are silk pillowcases really worth the investment?

Yes. If you want to improve skin and hair hydration, prevent frizz and tangles, and keep lines and wrinkles at bay, then you’ll see amazing results from the smoothness benefits of silk.