How to maximize your beauty sleep

Our body repairs itself and recovers when we sleep. It is essential for our overall health and well-being. Having a good quality sleep can also lead to healthier skin. We did our research and found some of the best tips on how you can boost your beauty sleep.

Invest in a quality mattress. They usually last longer and it is better for your sleep. Settling for discomfort can only bring pain and poor sleep quality.

Moisturize to hydrate your skin overnight. Best to use night creams as these are thicker than regular moisturizers to really promote hydration.

Stay away from gadgets before bedtime and try pre-sleep meditation. Sleeping with a calm and relaxed mind and body is essential to get the most out of a beauty sleep.

Wear a sleep mask to avoid light when you sleep. We recommend using our silk sleep mask for best results. Your skin is susceptible to wrinkling and its best that the material pressing against your face is as soft as possible.

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Sleep on your back or use a silk pillowcase. While most wrinkles are caused by the expressions we make while we’re awake, some wrinkles on the face and chest are the results from sleeping on our stomachs or sides. If you’re a side sleeper, our skin-friendly silk pillowcases are perfect for you to avoid waking up with pillow marks, or “sleep wrinkles”, on your face.

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Use a humidifier, specially when you sleep with an AC. You can’t hydrate yourself while you are asleep, which leads to loss of moisture and a humidifier can help solve this problem. It pushes water into the air making it less dry. Hence, your skin stays more hydrated.


Main Photo by Anna Nekrashevich