How to Care for Your Silk

Silk is a beautiful, luxurious fabric that has tons of beauty benefits. It needs to be cared for to maintain its strength, beauty and durability. We highly recommend to hand wash your silk to prolong its life but since our silk pillowcases are durable, it can also be machine washed.

Hand Wash:


Prepare to wash by turning your pillowcase inside out.

Fill a tub with cool water and an appropriate amount of mild liquid detergent. Slightly agitate the water to evenly distribute the detergent before soaking your silk for a few minutes.

Wash and Rinse:

Gently wash your silk through the soapy water.

When rinsing, run cool water through you silk until it is no longer soapy.

Do not wring or twist the silk when removing excess water. Instead, press the water out of the silk between your hands.

Machine Wash:

Turn your pillowcase inside out and place it in a mesh or delicates bag to protect it.

Use cool water and choose the gentle or delicate cycle.

Do not tumble dry.


Lay your silk flat on a drying rack or hang to dry, away from direct sunlight.

Be mindful of clips when hanging your silk because they can leave marks. 


To keep your silk wrinkle free, iron your silk on reverse while it is damp using the silk or lowest setting.

Put a thin cotton cloth over your silk. Do not let the silk directly contact the iron.


Things to Remember!

Use detergents made for silk or a mild liquid detergent. Detergents made for babies' clothes will also work.

Wash your silk with the same or like colors only.

Do not use bleach.

Do not use fabric softeners or conditioners.